Versatile, tough and stylish, vinyl flooring is an affordable option.

Modern vinyl is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms or any other areas prone to spills or high foot traffic. Modern advances have also created vinyl floorings that are ultra-realistic when mimicking other flooring types like hardwood or stone. Its cost-effectiveness and versatility has long made it popular for commercial applications, but the manufacturing advances have started to make it a no-brainer for residential installations as well.

The benefits of vinyl include:

Durability: Vinyl can handle even the heaviest amounts of traffic and usage, and its ability to resist water damage, scratches, stains and dents make it an easy choice for many.

Easy Care: Sweeping and mopping will almost always return vinyl to looking as good as new, and the simplest care and maintenance will leave it looking great for years to come.

Low Cost: Have you always wanted hardwood or stone, but felt it was out of your price range? Vinyl is a great alternative to those expensive options that will leave you highly satisfied after installation.

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