Express your creativity with endless styles and patterns.

Porcelain or ceramic tile floors are a wonderful alternative to hardwoods and carpet. They also share many of the qualities of stone–beauty, durability and ease of care–but is less-expensive to purchase and install.

There are differences between ceramic and porcelain tiles. Ceramics are usually made from a red or white clay that is hardened in a kiln, and then finished with a glaze for durability. Porcelain is a more porous material that is easier to cut, and therefore install–especially in tricky spaces–but is also more suited to areas that don’t see as much traffic or use.

Benefits of tile flooring include:

Wear-resistant: Different types of tiles carry their patterns and colors in different ways throughout the materials–and not just the top layers–they are better suited to maintaining their look and feel even with extended wear.

Water-resistant: Ceramics and porcelain won’t warp or bend if covered in water for extended periods of time, making them ideal for bathroom or kitchen applications.

Variety and Creativity: With so many patterns, sizes and colors to choose from, and the fact that manufacturing can yield subtle differences in color and texture, you’ll have the opportunity to install a floor that is truly unique to your home.

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